Friday, January 4, 2013

Cleaning Bug

What is it about a New Year...
that causes the Cleaning Bug to set in?

My middle dresser drawer has been out of control
for a very long time. 

Jewelry and socks had been stuffed in that drawer.

I took everything out and sorted through the mess.

It was a little bit of a walk down Memory Lane
looking at some of the jewelry pieces.

The socks didn't have any sentimental value...nor
did many of them even have a match!

I am not a big jewelry person so I don't
own a lot of it.
Once I had necklace, bracelet and earring
sets matched up, it was easy to organize
the drawer again.

The Cleaning Bug bit in the New Year.
One drawer done.
Maybe I should look for a vaccine before
this Cleaning Itch goes on too long!

Has the Cleaning Bug visited your house?
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