Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Live With an Osprey

Kidlet Three is on a traveling baseball team that was given the name "Raptors".  The boys didn't pick that name but was assigned it by the traveling association.

I know the boys wouldn't have picked "Raptors" as their name because I've overheard several of them debating as to just what a raptor is.  One boy was afraid the traveling association would pick a dinosaur as the picture of our team.  He went on to say he was afraid other teams would start calling the boys "Barney". See the boys are 14 and would just die with a purple dinosaur as their mascot!

Another boy was arguing that raptors were not dinosaurs but some sort of bird.

It has been fun to listen to these boys trying to figure out 'who they are' as a team.

So The Husband did some research and came up with a list of raptors.  He attended a practice and Coach gave him time during the practice to read characteristics of raptors and actual types of raptors.  As The Husband was reading this information one of the boys shouted out:

"hey, each of us should pick a raptor name and that is who we are" 

With great excitement each boy picked a raptor name for themselves.

Thus, we have Kidlet Three the osprey living in our house.  From the names hawk, falcon, buzzard, etc, Kidlet Three picked the osprey.

This picture is from The National Geographic website.  I've decided I wouldn't argue about choosing the name osprey.  The talons look like enough of a weapon to keep me quiet for awhile.

As the team is getting ready for the first baseball game of the season, I don't know if we are supposed to cheer each boy by their given name or by "Hawk Cody" or "Buzzard Alex" or "Falcon Joey".  Using those raptor names just might be a good diversion for the opposing team!

Kidlet Three the Osprey!  I never would've thought I'd live with an osprey!

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