Monday, May 28, 2012

North Country Work Day

Living in the North Country, well, my parents 
live in the North Country,
 with a lot of trees, there are twigs and 
branches that fall.  Before mowing,
all of those branches need to be picked up.

The Husband drove the Ranger while
Kidlet Three and his buddy ran alongside.
The boys picked up branches and tossed 
them into the back of the Ranger.

Reeds from the lake had washed
onto the shore so the boys raked
and picked them up as well.

The Husband entertained us all
with his impression of a deer...or some
animal with antlers.
Kidlet Three and Daniel took
turns driving the Ranger.  I don't
think they could smile any bigger
as they drove.
My Dad is recovering from back surgery
so he walks cautiously to the wood pile.
The branches are dumped into
the big "burn pile".
Dad and I hoed the potato plants.
This is the first plot of potatoes.
Then the lawn mower came out.
And you'll see a better picture of
the burn pile.  We may get a bonfire
yet this weekend!
After mowing at the homestead, the
lawn mower was trailered to the
New Cabin property.  The Husband
and My Mom mowed.

A large amount of rain had fallen recently
plus with the heavy equipment used
in construction, the driveway was pretty
muddy and full of ruts.
The Husband encountered water in
the grass as he mowed.  In fact, he got
stuck twice and needed to be pushed out
once and the last time, evidence of his
encounter appeared on the mower and
The Husband's clothes.

It was a fun work day.
Amazingly fun!

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