Thursday, May 17, 2012

Do Not Disturb and A Confession

This was the Do Not Disturb sign at our hotel recently.

Doesn't it make you giggle?

Maybe I enjoy it so much because I am one of those
mothers that encouraged allowed my Kidlets to jump
on hotel beds.

If you've ever had a lumpy mattress at a hotel
it might be my fault.
I'm sorry....
The Kidlets and I might've been jumping on it 
before you stayed there.

Back to the Do Not Disturb sign.
Take a good look at this woman's face.
Can't you just feel her joy and freedom?

My wish for you today is that you
would have a restful day.
That you could experience joy and freedom like this woman.

You may have to go jump on your bed!
I give you permission.

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