Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Cabin

My parents have purchased land in the Way North Country of our State.  There is a small cabin on the property but no running water into that cabin and it has one room.  And no bathroom.

This week a new cabin was started on the land.  This cabin will have running water, a bathroom and more than one room!  Here is a peek at our visit to the land Friday night.

The next 3 pictures are a panoramic view.
Looking to the right...
Looking straight back away from the cabin...
Looking to the left (the driveway is noted here)...
And then looking to the backside of the cabin.
This is a huge lot with lots of room for football,
tents, volleyball, etc!
From the front porch of the cabin, this is the view...the lake!
The view from the front porch looking to the right...

Kidlet Three and his friend, Daniel, found this friend

I wish you could hear the silence.  
And feel the peace.
While standing on the dock, this is the shoreline to the right...
Looking across the lake...
Looking up toward the cabin...

And the shoreline looking to the left.
This beaver popped up from the right shoreline and
swam right in front of us.  I didn't realize
how fast they could swim.

The family that had this land before my parents,
made trails through the woods and named
each trail.  Down by the lake is 
the Old Road trail.
Here are some shots of the new construction

That God loves people so much that
He created the many shades of green, the ferns, flowers,
lake shore, beavers, and the silence.
All of it displays His beauty.

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