Thursday, January 1, 2015

Which Bus?

City buses in a line
Notice which one is first

Every time I see the bus going to the Holy Spirit
I want to run, run, run to take that bus

Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Many people are comfortable knowing
God as a Father and Jesus as the Son

But what about the Holy Spirit
or as I was growing up we said Holy Ghost

The Ghost part makes the name sound spooky

The Holy Spirit was sent to us
to be an Advocate
(see John 14:26 in the Bible)
Not a spooky entity at all

I wish we could all hop on that bus
and learn more about the Holy Spirit

When my parents were here recently
my mom saw this bus and said 
Oh!  That is the bus I want to take!
I agree.

Having the Holy Spirit in my life is
what makes me So Amazed

Which bus would you want to take in
this lineup of buses?

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