Tuesday, January 20, 2015

High on Goof Off...the End Product

This is the AFTER picture...after being high on Goof Off.

Our fourth bedroom in the basement is now the guest room
 The following are BEFORE pictures.
Kidlet One moved to this bedroom when she was 12 or 13.
She sponge-painted the walls purple and green.
 When she left for college, Kidlet Two moved
to the bedroom.
Stickers, stickers, stickers were placed on
the door, the walls, and the closet
 Scotch tape was used to hang posters
 A popular skateboarding symbol was spray painted
on the ceiling (sigh...permission had not been
given to do this....)
 With both Kidlets on their own in Cities-Far-Away
I decided this bedroom need a re-do.
After experimenting with several products to remove
the sticky residue from tape and stickers, I found
Goof Off
 It does remove the tough stuff after several applications
 But it is toxic smelling
even with the window open and fans blowing.
I could only work on a small section of the room
at a time before I was light-headed.
 Oh!  Besides the stickers I have hockey sticks,
autographed shirts and trophies to clean up.
Poor Sock Monkey was stuck in the corner...can you find him?

 At one point I found the words
I hate Dad and Mom as I worked slowly around
the room scrubbing the walls.
Typical kids....
 The Husband painted over the black decal on the ceiling
 After weeks and weeks of wall prep, a neutral paint
color was applied to the walls
New carpet was installed.
I had fun shopping for nightstands, lamps, a 
pretty blue/brown bedspread and pillows.
The wall hanging of blues and browns was
the final touch of pretty.
It is now an amazing, peaceful room.
A delightful end product!

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