Tuesday, December 30, 2014


It is cold outside.
I believe the temperature is -11.
The wind chill brings that number down and I just cannot say it....
My toes and fingers are cold even in the house.

The backside of my house faces north.
As I pulled a spoon out of the silverware drawer (along the north-facing wall) even the SPOONS feel cold.

I'm not complaining.  Does it sound like I am?
Guess I just want to state a fact.

It is cold.

Which makes it the perfect time for me to dig through my photos for pictures from last summer.
The perky orange flowers at the top were from a pot on my deck last summer.
Don't they just make you smile?

The color makes me feel warmer....

Just off the deck we have a bird feeder on a gardening hook.
We feed the birds year round.

Last summer one of the feeds had sunflowers in them.
Lo and behold the birds dropped seeds and we had a sunflower bloom.
What an added bonus of color for us.
It was so fun to watch the birds peck the actual seeds from the flower.

Color brings warmth.

Today is the perfect day to dig through photos looking for color.
And warmth.

If it is cold where you live, I hope these pops of color bring you some warmth.
For those of you not living in The Frozen Tundra, enjoy the heat! is So Amazing.

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