Sunday, May 5, 2013

Look Who Came to Dinner

Look who is coming to dinner...

Just outside the kitchen window I have this bird feeder
 Recently The Husband switched birdseed and Mr. Cardinal seems to love it
 Through the screen and my dirty windows I have so enjoyed watching him dine.
Years ago, during a very difficult time, on the very last day of a decision-making struggle, I opened the door and walked outside to prayer walk.  Sitting on the fence directly outside was a bright, red male cardinal.  Such a peace swept over me on that morning.  It was as if God sent that bird to me to give me peace for the decision I was about to make.
Cardinals have represented peace since that day.  It is such a privilege to have him eating at my bird feeder. 
Amazing peace at my bird feeder.  What a loving God to send peace to my house!

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