Monday, May 27, 2013


I've been crafty.  Well, crochet crafty. 
This blanket I made while home on surgical leave
 The first person in the livingroom grabs the blanket
so I decided to make a second one.
I finished this second one at the baseball field
this spring.
 My nifty craft bag is portable and allowed me
to start another blanket at the baseball field.
 Single crochet is fast, easy and allows me
to watch Kidlet Three and his team play ball.
 I finished the blanket this weekend.
My flash distorted the color as this is the same
yarn from the picture above.
This blanket will be raffled in a silent auction
in the Relay for Life my parents participate in.
 The yarn is packed and ready for my next project.
I've been asked to make blankets for the hockey and
football fundraisers at Kidlet Three's school.
Both blankets need to be done by July.
Guess I'll need some crafty time in the next month!
Being crafty is amazing fun for me and I'm so happy
I can share my projects with others.

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