Thursday, May 23, 2013

Baby C's Dedication

Grandbaby C was dedicated in church last Sunday.  Favorite Son-in-Law and Kidlet One brought her to their church family and before God, made a promise to raise her knowing of God's love, salvation through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. 

 Both sets of grandparents were able to stand with the
Pastor and his wife to pray blessings on the parents and baby.
 It was a powerful and memorable event.
Baby C slept through almost the whole thing!
 Favorite Son-in-Law's family and our
family all joined together for a meal
after the service.
Here Baby C's Great Grandma shares secrets
 Baby C's other Great Grandma bought the outfit
that Baby C wore.  Great Grandma Marjorie
isn't able to travel so was unable to join us
for the day. 
 Kidlet Two took his turn holding Baby C
Here is Kidlet Three taking his turn with
Sleeping Beauty
 Many pictures were taken on this day.
Here are "my kids"
 And I could sit like this all day long...
 Mom and Daughter.
Aren't they beautiful!
 The Star of the Day!
 Proud parents and enchanted Baby
 The four generations of women represented:
My Mom, Me, Kidlet One and Baby C
 Baby C wasn't very happy with all of the pictures
and was crying so we decided we would
join her!
Both sides of Baby C's family
are represented here
What a blessing!

 It was an amazing day!

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