Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wood...It is What We Haul

This wood pile is used to heat my parent's home.
 The wood needs to get from that pile to this window.
 And the window leads to this room.
My dad built slats that slide inside the door frame.
The slats protect the door as we throw
the wood through the window into the room.
 Dad and Mom are all smiles during the first load.
 The Handy Dandy Ranger is backed in close to the wood pile.
 And we start stacking log by log.
 Then Dad drives the Ranger to the house.
From the smile on his face you'd think
he is having fun!
 Shouldn't there be a song played
while looking at this cute buggy!
 At the house, each log...
 is tossed into the wood room through the window.
 My Dad and The Husband work on a load here.
 Notice the black insert sitting in the window.
My Dad made that to protect the window sill.
It is solid steel and "made to fit" this window.
 Between the eight loads we made,
I'd check on our progress by peering
into the window.
Can you see the top of the door?
 The room wasn't full so back we go
for another load.
 Eventually Dad went into the house and
removed the top two slats.
Mom used a metal poker to push logs
around to fill the open spots while
Dad re-arranged logs closer to the door.
 So after a few more loads, we were getting
closer to having that room full.
 From the inside of the house, you'll
see some of the slats gone so we
can check on the level of wood.
This roomful will heat my parent's home
until mid-January.
 The remaining woodpile needs a blanket
to stay warm and dry until we
visit it again in mid-January.
That is when the room will need to be
filled again!
 Tarps are brought out, strung with rope, and
spread to cover the wood.
 My parents.
Happy to know they will have
a warm home this winter!

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