Saturday, October 8, 2011

Double Rainbow

Seven a.m. driving to work.
The eastern sky ahead of me is painted with golden hues and streaks of pink.
God's paintbrush was full of brilliant colors that morning.
This sunrise that He painted was breathtaking.
What I didn't pay attention to was the western sky behind me
as I drove into work.
See, the western sky was getting dark as if rain were going to roll in.
As I got out of my car, this was the western sky
This brilliant, full-color Kodak-Moment rainbow with a second bow starting.
This quickly snapped photo doesn't do the colors justice.
I needed to get into work so I couldn't stand outside to enjoy this phenomenon .
God is quite the Artist.  And what color He chooses to get our attention. 
And when He has our attention, He says, "I love you...this beauty is for you to enjoy."
That is why I am So Amazed!

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