Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Earlier this year I blogged about JOY

And the word has continued to pop up here and there.

Like if I hadn't figured out joy yet, I was being given chances over and over again.

We hear that word at Christmas and then it seems to be forgotten.  

No one seems to talk about joy after January 1.

Except it is such a powerful word, we should talk about it.

We should want it.

I see that joy wants to be the ram-rod that holds me up.

Almost like it is my core, the center of who I am. 

If joy was the center of my universe, then nothing that comes at me can shake me.

I know my feelings are valid. 

I am going to have days of disappointments, frustration, betrayal, anger and so on.

But joy can be my strength in the midst of those feelings. 

Because the Joy of the Lord is my Strength.

The Lord is my core, the center of my universe.

The Lord being God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

My Father, My Lord and My Comforter.

Pure JOY is who lives inside of the very core.


There is much more to learn about this word.

Joy is amazing....

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