Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flower Planting

Usually  by this time each year I have my flower boxes planted.  And usually there are a multitude of clay pots filled with baby plants yearning to spread out and fill the pot with their glory.  The annual flower planting hasn't started yet, however.

My employer doesn't have their plants in the ground yet either.  The other day a big delivery truck unloaded flat after flat after flat of plants just outside of my work door.  See, the people that keep up the gardens have a shop/garage in the back of my building.  And I have the privilege of watching the gardener's activities!  Oh, what a sight this was...all of those flowers waiting to get into the dirt!

There are hundreds of flats sitting there.  Each day as I come and go from work I'm seeing flats disappearing and I know they are getting planted around our grounds.

Which brings me to my measly one flat of plants.  Monday night I quickly ran through WalMart's plant section and picked out one flat of plants.
It was dark when I got home so I settled those beauties on my deck to wait...just like the hundreds of plants waiting at my work.

Tuesday and Wednesday in my part of the Frozen Tundra found temperatures over 100 degrees!  What a phenomenon for us.  One I can't say I really enjoyed.  The humidity and heat index made it hard to breathe outside.  It was too hot to be outside planting flowers after work.

It did cool off last night so I grabbed my gardening gloves, the Miracle Grow and my plants for a night of planting.

My deck has flower boxes built on the outside on three sides.  Here are my plants getting a peek at where they will be living.
And just a short time later, here they are in their new home.

All tucked in and ready to grow, grow, grow.
So pretty and full of joy.
I look forward to many evenings sitting on the deck enjoying my flowers. 

I may have to swing by the garden store on my way home from work tomorrow...spring planting is amazingly fun. 

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