Wednesday, June 15, 2011


June 15


Wasn't it just Valentine's Day?

Is time flying for you, too?

This clock was on the wall at a hotel we stayed in recently.

Isn't it a great visual of how life sometimes feels?   Sometimes things feel out of alignment or even wrong.  Or that time is literally flying.

As in this clock.  Yet you can still tell what time it is.  Because the center, the hands, point in the directions we are comfortable with...they point in the direction we know...we can still figure out what time it is.

Somedays I feel like this clock.  All out of sorts.  Chaotic.  Out of alignment.  Yet I continue on with life just like this clock continues to give us the time.  In those wonky times, I continue on and I do it because the very Center of My Life is stable and reliable.  Like the hands of this clock.  God.  He whispers and nudges His love and encouragement to me.  He never quits and continues giving me guidance, direction, peace, self control and so on. 

It is possible to live in this Upside-Down-Sometimes-Chaotic world with an Inner Peace that never quits.

God, thank you for being the Hands-That-Point-Consistently in my life.

Hey, maybe the numbers on this clock are having a great party and just having fun being in different places.

Maybe it is a message that life is too short to stay in one place.  Yes, time is flying by.  And if I get stuck looking at the things that are out of alignment in my life, I could miss out on some fun.  Or some giggles. 

Because this clock makes me giggle. 

And giggling can be amazingly good for the soul.

Time...enjoy it as it flies!

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