Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sugar Rush

Kidlet Three's science fair project was to test the reaction times of teenagers before and after they drank an energy drink. 
This cardboard "ruler" was held above the participant's cupped fingers.  Without warning it was dropped and where the participants grabbed it, the number was recorded.  Each participant was given three opportunities.  Then each person drank 8 oz. of Monster energy drink.  After waiting 30 minutes, the test was repeated three times.
There was a documented increase in reaction times after drinking Monster!  Kidlet Three and each of his fellow students gave oral presentations regarding their projects.  The presentation included a poster board.  Kidlet Three cut, positioned and pasted his hypothesis, the steps of his test and his results...all by himself.  The school then held a science fair where each student displayed their boards and were available for questions.  Out of all the seventh graders, Kidlet Three received a 2nd place ribbon for his project.
Way to go Kidlet Three.
You did an amazing job!

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