Saturday, February 26, 2011

The New Bermuda Triangle

Our house is on a fairly busy street.  In the winter, this is a good thing as the street gets plowed first. 

The house is on the top of a T-intersection.  Our house is exactly at the intersection of the street that makes up the bottom line of a T and the top crossbar of the T.

That T intersection becomes the New Bermuda Triangle in the winter.

When we've had a significant snowfall and the plow clears the main, busy street, well, the intersection is very difficult to maneuver. 

This is a picture from my front door.  The white car is stuck and the other car had stopped to help push or shovel.  It is not unusual to have one car stuck and the next car stop to help and then get stuck also. 

The neighbors have started calling this corner The New Bermuda Triangle. 

I call it cheap entertainment during a blizzard.  We can sit in our front window and watch car after car try to buck the drifts.  Well, we sit and watch until we run out to help push or shovel, too.

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