Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Plant Sitting

Hey Neighbor, would you be willing to watch our plant while we go away for a month?

That was a question posed to me recently by Neighbor Steve.

I agreed and the amaryllis was carried to our house under a blanket cover.

It was given the place of honor on my kitchen table.

There were two stems, or more like stalks, on this plant.

I was not prepared for the alien-type behavior that we would observe.

From a plant!

Each morning I would find the stalks had moved.

I would come home from work and the stalks would be in yet a different position.

Check out these photos, captured over a couple of days.

I put a pen in the pot so you could see the thickness of these stalks.
 After all that Alien-Stalk-Movement...the blooms came. 

Absolutely gorgeous!

 Can you find the plant, sitting on the floor in front of the table?  It was taller than my kitchen table.
 So many beautiful.

Watching the plant bend, twist and grow so that it could provide the most amazing flowers was a real treat.

Thanks Neighbor, for the opportunity of plant sitting.

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