Saturday, September 18, 2010

Greek Play

Kidlet Three's class was studying Greek mythology last year in 6th grade. 

As a part of the class, they put on a play for the rest of the school and parents. 

Parts were assigned, a stage was designed and costumes pieced together.  Here are a few pictures from the presentation.  Braces and the "special smiles" just added to the authentication of the Greek timeline (ha! ha!)

Notice the helmet position on Kidlet Three
The helmet has now almost covered his whole face...
Trying to move it back up...

And here I asked "okay, let's get a nice picture..."

So I quit focusing on his face and captured his "winged  feet"

And then trying again for a "nice" picture

My youngest Freckle-Faced-Mouth-of-Braces Grecian Boy!
I am blessed!

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