Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Mohawk Lives On...

Kidlet Three started school this week.

7th grade.


The baby of the family.

He did pose for the annual First-Day-of-School pose on the stairs. 

Last year, he looked like this

Excuse me, I need to run and get a tissue (sniffle, sniffle)....okay I'm back!

I have to believe that there aren't many parents that start weaning their children from "the summer schedule" to the new "school schedule".  We talk about it, but we really never do it.  Weaning as in going to bed before 11 pm and getting out of bed before 10 am.  That was pretty much Kidlet Three's summer time schedule. 

So on the first day of school I was very concerned about his ability to get out of bed when his alarm went off.  To note, this is the first year he is setting an alarm and getting himself out of bed.  The alarm is on his cell phone and the ringtone plays a song that goes "time for waffles, come get your waffles, time for waffles...".  It is the most appropriate ringtone for him since his breakfast of choice is Eggo waffles!

Back to the story.  Kidlet Three amazed us by getting out of bed and dressed lickety split.  He seemed to lose momentum, however, in the bathroom.  The clock was ticking and he still needed his insulin and breakfast so I went tapping on the bathroom door to check on him. "Are you okay in there" I asked.

"I'm just doing my hair."

Thud.  That was me falling to the floor.  He was fussing with his hair.  Kidlet Three hasn't really been a "Fuss-With-Anything-Kind-of-Guy unless it is sports equipment and the Wii. 

He opened the door to show me that he was using hair gel and attempting to get the mohawk to be spiked.  And The Husband, unbeknowest to me, had purchased gold hair highlighting paint for Kidlet Three.

Oh my baby is growing up.

Soon the three of us were in the bathroom all with our hands in the poor boy's hair.  Adding gel, spiking, dusting with gold paint, re-arranging until finally one of us looked at the time and yelled "we have to go!"

You would've thought he was going to be on national TV or something with all the fussing going on that morning!
He did look pretty handsome.  As we all walked out of the bathroom, I whispered to My Kidlet Three that "the girls are really going to like your hair."  And I don't know why I even said that.  The words just came out of my mouth. 

He stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes widened quickly and he barely could gulp out the words:

Should I wash it out?

Ahhhhh......he is still a boy after all!  whew.....

I assured him he would be fine and off to school he did go.  He reported to me later that not one of the girls commented on his hair so "he thought he'd be okay putting gel in his hair the next day."

Amazing...the summer Mohawk lives on and I still have my little boy for awhile....

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  1. Debbie,

    I enjoyed reading about little Luke. He is grow-
    ing up fast. Loved the hair.

    Now I'm very hungry for turkey and all the trimmings.

    Thanks for the picture of Colleen. She laughed about it going from Minnesota through Georgia and back to Minnesota. I sent to my parents.

    I enjoy your site.