Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Husband

Happy Valentine's Day to The Husband!
You may found it funny that I call him "The Husband"
The Husband gives nicknames to close family and friends
Newly married, he was looking for my nickname
And I became "The Wife"
A name that no one else can call me
Thus, he became The Husband

The Husband brings joy wherever he goes
He definitely is an Encourager
Here he has his Turkey Headdress
on for a Thanksgiving Day dinner

The Husband has a secret recipe for pancakes
This is not a recipe to be shared
Because he wants to be the one to bless people
by making a meal for them!

Staying home with our Three Kidlets
from birth to the time they leave the house
The Husband as been Mr. Dad
giving his all for the Kidlets
Including playing soccer and baseball,
being the carpool Dad,
putting on bandaids and so much more.

Happy Valentines Day to The Husband

I love you forever!

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