Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Against the background of a snowy deck and backyard
Sits my new colorful pot of....grass!

In the midst of winter with a record-high snowfall
my friend, Prairie Woman, gave me a pot of....grass!

After all, who doesn't think of grass in the middle of February!

My first reaction in unwrapping this gift was to giggle with glee
And thank her for the promise of life and hope despite winter!

After three months of solid white, green is a welcome change.

Grass grows in the winter, too!
Look how unruly this "hair" is!  It definitely has "life"

It has been so much fun to grab a scissors
and begin snipping...just like a haircut
Clump after clump of trimmings drop down
Cleaning up the sides, thinning out the top
Meet Flat Top!  All trimmed up for the week
Despite the circumstances in your life
Is there there life?

Sometimes circumstances feel like winter
Cold, frozen and never going away!

I'm here to tell you, spring is coming!
Look for the green.  There is hope!

Here's another secret...there is nothing
like the smell of fresh clipped grass.

In the summer and now for me, in the winter!

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