Saturday, February 6, 2010

Railroad tracks.
Where do they go
from where did they come?
They are a well-defined path
for the train to stay on course.

Recently I felt that God-Nudge
to step out and do something undefined.
I responded to the nudge with a
"Yes, Lord, of course I will go..."
...until the night before the event when all kinds
of excuses to cancel, to back out
seemed justified.  And then He spoke again

"Many have not walked
in the fullness of their destiny
because of fear"

I was looking for a straight path
I was looking for the well-defined way
and fear was keeping me from stepping out

I packed my suitcase out of obedience
after hearing that Nudge Word.
With a renewed confidence I fulfilled
the God Nudge and went to the event.

Pursuing the fullness of my destiny may be a
plowed path full of bumps and ruts
or it may be smooth like train tracks.
But fear should never be something that stops
me in my tracks.

Lord, God, it is Your path that I pursue.
Thank you for loving me and for the Nudge.
Thank you for walking with me on whatever
path You take me on.

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