Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don't you want a hug?

Kidlet Three has been back to school for about a week now.  Yesterday I volunteered to drive him to school.  I did lay out for him, a "condition" in payback for the ride to school.  The condition was that we had to sing all the way to school at the top of our lungs.  We love The Newsboys new CD.  He agreed to the condition so off we went laughing and singing as loud as we could.  That is one ride to school I will never forget!  I pulled into the school parking lot, brought the van to a stop and started to say "have an awesome day kiddo" when Kidlet turned to me and said "Don't you want a hug?"  How can a lump magically appear in a throat?  I croaked out "of course I want a hug" and he reached across the front seat and squeezed me in a hug.  Then in a flash he was grabbing his backpack and out the door he went without looking back.
Don't you want a hug?  What a powerful question!  All day long I repeated that question to myself.  That isn't a phrase we use at home although we do hug frequently and without reservation.  It was one of the God Moments.  Pure...simple...powerful.  It made an impact on me.  I believe God spoke to Kidlet and he responded.  A God nudge that was delivered and experienced.
All the way to work and throughout the day I found myself repeating "don't you want a hug?"  I even had the opportunity to say that to my co-worker who was having a 'day'.  I felt the God Nudge!  So I said to her, "Don't you want a hug?" and I hugged her.  It was one of those pay-it-forward moments. 
God Nudges.  If you get one, pay attention.  And listen.  He may say to you, "don't you want a hug!"


  1. Isn't it amazing how one little comment like that sticks with you through the day? Oh and I love hugs. One can never have too many!

    Such a cute picture of him too! :)

  2. Wow I do not usually tear up and pretty sure I just did. Wow prett much sums it up. Thanks for sharing! I like the pay it forward idea, let's make God's goodness through us contagious! :)

  3. you have got to be the funnest mom ever!!!!! thanks for writing, you are so fun to read!