Thursday, March 7, 2013

The End of an Era

The Husband and I reached the end of an era.

All three of the Kidlets participated in city youth sports as they were growing up. From tee ball, soccer, baseball and hockey, we've been involved for over 25 years.

Last weekend it came to an end.

Kidlet Three's hockey team skated so hard and won their district playoffs.
At the regional level, they played three games and then were done.

And that ended our youth sports.

Kidlet Three will be playing high school sports from now on.

It was sad knowing friendships will change.
Kidlet Three's friendships with teammates
The Husband and I have made many friends in the parents.
Now our boys will be playing against each other
on high school teams.

The end of an era of city youth sports.
Happy, sad, and exciting.
It's been an amazing era.
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