Sunday, August 22, 2010

Water Balloons

They are a part of summer for the XY chromosomes.

Kidlet Three and his friend, Daniel, asked if they could have a water balloon battle in the backyard on one of the scorching days of our summer.

The balloons I had purchased happened to be pink and blue so they did rock-paper-scissors to see who had to take the pink balloons.

Kidlet Three ran to the bathroom sink to start filling his weapons. Daniel was at the kitchen sink filling his.

The giggles that came from each room were priceless. Honestly, I think they were having more fun filling those goofy little balloons than they did throwing them at each other.
Neither boy can tie the ends of the balloons so I was really busy tying. Kidlet Three would race from the bathroom and hand me the balloon and as soon as I handed it back he was gone in a blur to start filling the next one.

It took them longer to fill the balloons than it did for them to throw them at each other. Seriously, these two friends wouldn’t hurt each other even with a water balloon. They made half-hearted efforts at throwing the balloon directly at each other so those balloons were breaking all over the yard. But again, the giggles and laughter rang out loud and clear.

Water balloons. A staple for a boy’s summer. Next time I’d better buy a bigger bag and definitely NOT pink ones!

P.S. I was on a family vacation for a week.  Sorry for the delay in posting.

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