Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So Amazed...

Here are a few quick shots of amazing things I've seen recently.

Just outside my Work-Place-Door is this strong and hardy petunia
    This silly plant is growing out of the concrete sidewalk!  Isn't that amazing!
    Check out this salad that I devoured at the Green Mill Restaurant
    This is the Cilantro Lime Shrimp Salad and it is absolutely delicious!  And for those of us counting Weight Watcher Points, this whole salad is only 7 points.  Major amazing!  I ate all seven points and then licked the plate.  I didn't lick the plate but I wanted to...
    Speaking of food, we had supper in Kidlet Two's city last night.  We wanted a quick place to eat so he brought us to Smash Burger.  I ordered a Smash Chicken which was a chicken breast flattened to the thickness of a tortilla.  Well, not quite that thin but oh my goodness it was thin!  Then it was grilled and placed on a butter bun with lettuce, tomato and red onion.  Kidlet Two and I split an order of Smash Fries:  french fries with rosemary on them.  Oh goodness...they were finger-licking good.  Please don't ask me what the Weight Watcher points for that meal was...I dipped into my reserve point fund for that meal, I'm afraid!
    I have to get off this amazing food on...
    Mr. Mushroom decided to grow out of the retaining wall along our driveway.  It was a beautiful white beauty that lasted just a few days in the humidity and storms we've been having.  But I noticed was amazing!
    Kidlet Three's baseball team color was teal.  Almost every Baseball Mom painted their fingernails and toenails the Team Color this summer.  Here are my dainty toes in the team spirit!
    I had to pose my feet in a certain way so my bunions weren't so prominent.  Bunions are amazing but not so much in a good way.  That my toenails were painted blue was amazing!
    Anyway, that is a quick peek at my Amazing Moments for today.  What amazing things have you seen this week?

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