Monday, July 19, 2010


What do you focus on?

What is it that captures most of your thinking time?

How do you "fuel yourself" to get through life?

Today, when walking to my car after work, I had a
God-Nudge.  It came as a picture in my head.  I had
to laugh because God didn't give me the ability to draw
or paint very good, so I "saw" the picture as stick people.
Which is exactly where my drawing ability lies.

This is what my God-Nudge was...
I saw God standing with His arms wide open toward me and His eyes
were locked onto mine.  Somehow I knew He was never going to blink
and He is never going to look away.  He was "locked on"...locked onto ME! 
And I could see that He has a love for me through His eyes.

And I saw myself looking back at him (do you see the goofy lines I tried
to draw between God and I)?  We are looking at each other and there was


What else would there be to look at if the God of Creation, The Almighty
King of Kings had eyes...just for me!?!?!?  I was mesmerized by Him
and believe it or not, God was mesmerized by...Me.

Neither one of us wanted to stop looking...focusing...on each other!

Well, then almost like a cartoon comic strip, my God-Nudge vision
switched to this stick-people picture...
There is an enemy that sneaks up behind me and shoots me with
evil arrows. Arrows of lies, destructive thoughts, bad messages that the
enemy wants me to play over and over in my head, and arrows to destroy,
injure or harm me.  Boy, are those nagging, irritating, distracting, and hurtful
arrows.  Constantly bombarding me.

The third picture in the God-Nudge vision was this...
I turned.  I turned to start fighting the enemy.  I was fighting those
arrows and my focus was now on anger, negative thoughts, despair,
muttering and hopelessness.  There was no happiness there and I was

I had turned my back to focus on a fight I didn't have to fight.
I had lost my focus on God.

See, the fight has already been fought.  By Jesus, with the enemy, in a place
called Hell.  And Jesus won.  In a future post I will thrill you with my stick
art on this Truth!

The silly enemy doesn't "get it".
He lost.
He can never win.
It's over.
It's over for the redeemed. 
For me and others that believe in the Resurrected Christ.

So this enemy that doesn't deserve to have his name mentioned,
sees my admiration for God.  He sees the love between
God and I and how we are focused on each other.  And he goes
to work scheming to distract me with his poison arrows.  He pulls
together a good supply of hatred darts and starts firing. 

Now if I keep my focus on God, I'm okay.  Because God will
never lose His focus on me.  If there is a focus to be lost it will
be on my part.  It is important that I read God's Word, talk
to Him throughout the day, listen to Him because He does
speak, and choose Him over all things.  It is choice.

I choose to focus on Him.  And I choose to ask Him for
help in keeping my eyes on Him.  There are times I wear
down from the nagging pokes.  And I am tempted to turn
around and yell at that pesty enemy to leave me alone. 
If I'm honest I have to say I have done that. I have turned.
The longer I keep my back to God, the longer that my
focus leaves My Lord, the harder it is to return because
of the shame, ignorance, lies and all that other junk the
icky arrows have shot at me. 

Oh, God, I need You!!!!  That is my daily cry.

God wants to lock onto your eyes.
He created you and about you He knows all.
He loves, loves, loves, loves you.
He wants to focus on you and longs for
you to focus on Him.

Where is yours?

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