Thursday, June 3, 2010

At the Lake

So, my friends, ask, what "do you do" at the lake?
When you travel to the North Country, to the town
of your parents (population 107), "what do you do?"

Each visit is different.  Each visit is filled with different "things"
Here is a picture essay of the Memorial Day Quick Run-Away

That pretty much sums it up!
Fishing, relaxing, playing farkle,
fishing, relaxing, eating,
fishing, relaxing, playing baseball,
fishing, relaxing, eating, watching the hummingbirds,
fishing, relaxing, looking at "paw prints" in the sand
fishing, relaxing, decorating waffles with
strawberries and blueberries and calling it
Martha Stewart's Waffles
Yes, that pretty much sums up the fun weekend!

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