Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random Thoughts

I'm in a purely random mood.
Don't expect much "meat"' in this posting.
Father-in-law has been in a nursing home
for rehabilitation.  He can walk with a
walker, is learning to chew and swallow
without choking and has regained some
strength.  That is the good news.

Monday he was told he can no longer
drive.  That is very sad for him.  Tuesday
he was told he has progressed probably
as far as he ever will so he needs to leave
the nursing home and move from his
independent an assisted living
situation.  The Husband has been on the
phone nonstop looking for a place because
Thursday (tomorrow) is the discharge day.

We have seen God's hand in this whole thing.
A wonderful room opened up in a nice
facility.  I worked a full day at my job today and
then met The Husband and The Siblings at the old
apartment.  As much furniture as we guessed
might fit in this new location was loaded into
pickup trucks and brought to the New Location.
Amazing doesn't describe the fact that all of what
we brought, fit!  Grandpa and his walker should be
able to navigate just fine.

Then we all went for a quick pizza and I headed
back to the Old Apartment to pack up the kitchen.
Tomorrow is another full day of work so my efforts
at packing are limited.

By the way, Kidlet Three's baseball team is 17-5
for the year.  That is amazing!  Last weekend they
won the Tournament For Our City which is always
very sweet.  After five baseball games this weekend
we then headed North to the Big City on Monday
night.  That is about an hour's drive.  That game of
baseball was also won.  Tuesday night, was that
just last seems longer ago than 24 hours...they
played another game here in town.  That game was
won as well.  Thursday night is the last game for
the week and they weekend is free except for a
Sunday night practice.

That is all in preparation for the
National Tournament in Omaha, Nebraska
next week.  We will be traveling to the
Big Red state to play some serious baseball!
The college World Series games will be starting
that same weekend so we are hoping to catch
a college game as well.  Kidlet One and
Son-in-Law will be traveling with us.

Hey, Kidlet Two got a second job.  Oh he is
finally going to be a little more financially
stable.  He has gone through some mighty
lean times but this second job pays really
good and is in an upscale restaurant.  He is
currently a line chef and is looking to move up
to Sous Chef at the first job he is working at.

My feet hurt!  When I sat done to type this
update I realized I really have not just
relax...for quite a few days!  Sitting at the
baseball games is a form of relaxing but
I have to pay attention to the game and can't
really just let go and relax.  But now that
I'm in this recliner chair, I'm really enjoying
this.  And now my little piggies are telling
me that they enjoy being off the ground, too.

 Being with my 88-year-old Father-in-Law brings
back so many memories of my Grandma on
my Dad's side.  She ended up in a nursing home
in My Home City, about 60 miles away.  Grandma
had decided that I was the only one that could
cut her finger and toe nails and get this...pull
her chin hairs.  Unfortunately there tended to be
up to a month or longer when I would get to see
her and her nails were so tough I had to grit my
teeth and really put some pressure into the clipper
to get through those nails.  Sally Hanson nail
products are NOT necessary for the elderly.

What really got me, though, was pulling those
chin hairs.  Her skin was so thin, almost like
tissue paper, and I was sure I was going to see
a whole section of her chin come flying off when
I tweezered those hairs.  Hair growth on elderly
woman is excessive, especially on the chin.  Wow
those hairs would grow back fast.  Once I
threatened Grandma that I wasn't going to pull
them but I was going to make a braid.  She
didn't think that was very funny.

I wonder what funny stories and memories we will
have now with Father-in-Law transitioning into
this new phase of the Circle of Life.

Anyway, that is the news update from this
Amazing Life of Mine.  Purely random news.  I
am contemplating getting out of the chair and making
some Oatmeal Raisin cookies.  If I do, I'll be
sure to post some pictures.  But then, my feet
sure enjoy being up in the air....hmmmm...what to
do.  I sure hope you have an enjoyable,
relaxing, feet-in-the-air evening!


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