Monday, May 31, 2010

Quick Run-Away

The Husband, Kidlet Three and I
took a Quick Run-Away trip this weekend.
We packed up the car Saturday morning
and drove 253 miles to see my parents.
Which takes us five hours to drive.

Here are a few scenes from the drive

We listened to a great book on tape

We watched for the familiar "landmarks"
Arriving to the smiling faces of my parents
And their beautiful home on the lake
Kidlet One and Son-In-Law joined us also
In future posts I'll share details of what
we did during our Quick Run-Away.
However, what I most loved about the weekend
was that we were

We were missing Uncle Al and Kidlet Two
It wasn't the same without them.
But for those of us gathered there
It was short and sweet and together.
Maybe I'm getting old and sentimental?
No, I think it is more then that.
It is understand and realizing that
I need to spend time with my family
and to celebrate and enjoy each opportunity with them.

Dad and Mom, thank you for a great
Quick Run-Away.
We love you and are grateful for all
that you do for us!

Here is a last photo of what we stared at this weekend.
A scene from the porch.
I hope you were able to spend some
time enjoying family and/or friends
this weekend!

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