Thursday, February 7, 2013

What's Up

  • The livingroom, hallway, and foyer in my house have a first coat of Pony Tail colored paint.  Thanks to Paint-Stick Dave for coming over to help The Husband paint.
  • Cindy from a State-Way-North-West of here is staying with us.  Her daughter, Katie, is here, too.  Cindy had surgery today and was told she has a very weird appendix cancer even though she doesn't have her appendix.
  • I am working five hours a day at work.  Taught a class today.  First time since November.  Oh, it felt good to be teaching.
  • Tomorrow I see the physical therapist and I hope I get a sticker for being a good patient.
  • Almost every morning I awaken at 5 a.m. with someone on my heart to pray for.  I pray and then, thankfully, fall back to sleep for an hour.
  • Kidlet One is 33 weeks pregnant.  Baby Claire will be here soon!
  • it ever done?
  • Kidlet Three started baseball practice February...on a night when there is freezing rain.  Only in The Frozen Tundra would we be thinking baseball while shoveling.
  • The Husband and Kidlet Three are having so much fun with the Soda Stream Fake-Pop-machine.
  • I made cake mix cookies yesterday.  What an easy recipe:
    • One box any type cake mix; 2 eggs; 1/2 cup oil and chocolate chips.  Drop by spoonfuls onto a cookie sheet and bake 10 minutes at 350 degrees. 
  • Kidlet Two is working a lot and has a special friend that we haven't met yet...we don't hear from him as much so they must be seeing each other a lot (smiles).
  • That is what's up at our house.
  • What's up with you?

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