Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rube Goldberg

Rube Goldberg was the creator of complex contraptions that do really simple tasks.  That is your trivia for today.

For his 9th grade science class, Kidlet Three and his assigned classmates had to create a 12-step Rube Goldberg contraption that performed a task.  In our messy garage, after several hours of brainstorming and failed attempts, the car rolled down the track, knocked down the dominos, down the tube to put the golf ball into the cup that had a nail sticking through it to break the balloon. 

Whew...did you follow all that!

Here are some pictures of the building stages:

There were many re-iterations and many video attemps to capture the event. 
Here is "take one"...
Another attempt...

 The final creation before the kids actually set the car loose...
The not amazing thing about this project,
is that I accidentally deleted the video of the
project being completed.
Anyway, we had fun, along with Luke's classmates
building a Rube Goldberg contraption!

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