Monday, October 15, 2012

Raspberry Jam

Family and friends, you will get your raspberry jam if Santa thinks you've been good this year!!!  I started working on my Christmas list today by making raspberry jam.  It was my day off work and I accomplished a lot today, starting with the jam.

If you've never made jam, let me give you a quick lesson.

Get all equipment set out before cooking the raspberries.  This includes the jars.  I wash them in the dishwasher and set them on a towel in preparation of the hot jam.

Confirm you have lids and rings for each jar. 
The lids are to sit in a pan of hot water and drained just before placing on the jar.
This ring fits inside the jar to keep jars clean as
the hot jam is poured in.

This is an over-sized stock pot called a canner.
This should be filled with water and the
wire contraption that sits inside to hold the jars.
Get the water boiling as a first step. 
The recipe calls for 5 cups raspberries.
Over the summer I picked the berries, washed them
up and froze them for this jam-making day.
After taking the picture, I used a potato masher
to smoosh the berries.  Then I
measured the 5 cups and poured
the fruit into a stock pot.
 Carefully measure 7 cups sugar.
You read that correctly.
7 cups of sugar.
Set this aside.
 Add the pectin, Sure Jell, to the berries
and stir well.  Over high heat, stirring constantly,
bring the fruit to a rolling boil.
 Pour in all the sugar and stir well.
Continue stirring until a rolling boil occurs.
Boil, stirring constantly, for one minute.
Remove the pan from the heat.
Pour the hot jam into jars that have been
kept warm sitting in hot water.
Add a lid and ring to each jar.
Tighten the ring.
Place the jars in the canner with 1 to 2 inches
of water above the jars.
Cover and boil for 10 minutes.
 I let the jars sit for the day and will
store in a cool place until Christmas.
Oh I cannot wait for toast and raspberry jam!


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  1. While Debbie's was creating raspberry jam, I was outside trimming bushes and mowing and raking and bagging leaves. Not quite as pretty and exiting but fun!Blessings from Debbie's husband.....Booster Bob :-)