Saturday, October 20, 2012

Livingroom Renovation

It is with some slight embarrassment that I write about our livingroom. We have not been good stewards of our stuff.

I'll start with the furniture.   The springs in the love seat have been poking butts for about a year.  The cushions on the sofa have become so flat you almost need a hoist to be lifted out.  The reclining chair is nice but we keep pushing it too close to the wall and it has dinged up the paint...badly. 

The walls aren't much better.  The last paint job wasn't the best so we've got paint showing through in spots.  Plus, The Husband started spackling and sanding several months ago.  I could be hearing things, but I think the walls have cried out for paint...

Our end tables and lamps are 27 years old.  We got them with our wedding money.

My decorations are dated.  Don't get me started on this topic...

Drum roll please! 

I actually got The Husband to go shopping with me recently and we purchased new furniture, end tables and lamps.  Today the sofa and love seat were delivered.  The chair, tables and lamps will be delivered in a week or two.

I am amazingly blessed.

This whole blog was typed while reclining in the love seat!  After all of the furniture is delivered then I'll decide on the wall colors.  And I've got great ideas for pictures.

An amazing livingroom renovation.

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