Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stalking the Minnesota Twins

I have a new camera with a very powerful, built-in zoom.  This camera has the ability to zoom into the dugout of the Minnesota Twins (over by third base) when we are seated by first base.  Or even to zoom onto Denard Span's face out in center field or Danny Valencia wherever he is on the field.

Yesterday on vacation we attended a Minnesota Twins baseball game in Port Charlotte, Florida.  They were playing the Tampa Bay Rays in a pre-season game.  I brought my camera along to really see how close I could zoom in.

This camera rocks!  Even the people sitting behind me could see how closely I could zoom in on a player's face.  I could even zoom into the bullpen way out beyond right field.

After the game as my Kidlets were reviewing the pictures, they determined I am a stalker.  I guess they felt it was pretty creepy that I would even want to zoom in so closely on the face of  a Minnesota Twin.  I called it "practice".  Most of the pictures I had to delete right away because as I clicked to snap the picture I would shake and most of my stalker-type pictures were blurry.  There is a real science to zooming, holding the hand steady and clicking the photo, at least that is what I told them.

Here are a few close-up photos of the Minnesota Twins who ended the game in a tie yesterday.  You can decide if you feel this was stalking...

We had am amazing afternoon at the game.  And I think my camera takes amazing pictures!

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