Saturday, November 6, 2010


"The water slid right off, as did a little mud...the Bible dried out completely...I'll give it a big hosanna." National Geographic Adventure
"The Waterproof Bible is an answer to the prayers of people like me, who enjoy early mornings in a canoe, learning about God from His Word and His world." Rusty Pritchard - President and Co-founder, Flourish
Have you heard of a waterproof Bible?  I hadn't. 

Kidlet One and Favorite Son-in-Law gave The Husband and I our own waterproof Bibles for anniversary gifts in August.

My prayer times have changed drastically. No longer do I have to worry about perching my Bible on the bathtub edge. Now, it comes in with me.

God’s Word is alive and well in the Prayer Closet of my home.

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