Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lucy Strikes Again

I had another Lucille Ball-type adventure.  I did not have to chase after my car again in this adventure, thankfully.

A friend asked me to pray for her husband.  He has some health issues and was in a serious flare and she asked me to remember him in prayer.  As we finished our conversation, I did pray for her husband.  To keep him anonymous, I'm going to call him Jim-Bob.  I prayed for him quickly with the promise to myself that I would remember to keep praying for him.

But I didn't write this prayer request down.  First mistake.  In the brain and right back out of the brain that prayer went.  It seems if I don't write things down these days I forget them.

However, I remembered Jim-Bob just as I was dozing off to sleep that night.  Ah ha!  I did remember on the same day as the initial request!  So I prayed for courage and strength to get through this flare.  And that he would be ultimately healed of this nagging disease.  And to remember to tell his wife that I had prayed, I turned my nightlight on to write myself a note.  But I didn't have any scratch paper on my nightstand, just a pen and my Bible.  So I made my own "palm pilot".  I wrote on the back of my hand.  I wrote JIM-BOB in big letters so in the morning I could email Mrs. Jim-Bob to see how her husband was feeling.

Then I turned off the light and curled up in my fetal position for a good night's sleep.

The next morning the alarm goes off and I stumble into the bathroom, turn on the light and first notice how scary my hair looks.  Squinting through my eyes that don't want to open yet, something is on my face.  I had to lean way into the mirror to figure out just what in the world was on my cheek. 

Oh the horror.  The words JIM-BOB were imprinted on my cheek.

Seems I sleep with my hand tucked near my cheek so all night long the name of another man was being imprinted on my face.

I did NOT go wake up The Husband to let him see this.  Somehow I knew he wouldn't think it was funny.  With my eyes very wide open now, I grabbed my washcloth and scrubbed my cheek.  Thankfully the ball point pen ink came right off.

Now Lucille Ball would've somehow had a pen with unwashable ink.  Thankfully, I got out of this one without anyone knowing....until now!

Lucy and I are amazingly alike!

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