Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Unexpecteds that a word? 
Maybe I can make it a word.
It's a word that describes what has been going on the past couple of weeks.
You know those things that take your breath away
Either because it is so wonderful or so awful.
Things you were not expecting.

Because I'm a Glass-Half-Full Person I'll share a neat unexpected first

Just look at that view!  Amazingly beautiful!
This is the view from the door at my workplace.

How could I have missed this view?
I've been walking past this lilac daily and missing the beauty
until one day I really looked
and I saw the unexpected right in front of me.
Tiny bursts of color gathered in a flower bundle
and oh the smell!
An unexpected gift from the Creator on a day my head was low.
I might have missed the glorious purple
had I not looked up.

The Husband's dad has been hospitalized since May 14.
Once independent he is now unable to stand by himself
and cannot walk without help of a walker.
Totally unexpected he fell in his apartment and lay for hours
It is truly a miracle that he is alive.
Unexpected words came flying by us
Kidney failure
Heart condition
Hours in the hospital
Cheering an 88-year-old in the will to live


Some are good and some are not so good

The Chocolate Fairy left me a Ghiradelli chocolate on my desk today
No one fessed up to leaving it for me
so I'm thanking the Chocolate Fairy!
It was a great unexpected for me today
I'm hoping that Fairy flies by my desk again soon!

Like I said, some unexpecteds are good and some are not so great

What I do know for certain
What I do know as truth
is Proverbs 18:10 is like a breath of fresh air

Sometimes the not-so-great unexpecteds get me down
They overwhelm me
My head hangs low and I can even miss this

But oh that Proverb has become a close friend to me

"The NAME of the Lord is a STRONG TOWER;
the righteous run to it and are safe."
No matter what unexpecteds are going on in your life
Know that the Lord is near and what a safe place He is.
I know!
I've been running to Him these past weeks.
He is not unexpected
He is faithful.
He is good.
He is my Strong Tower
My Strength

I'm learning they are helping me to trust God more and more
Lord, thank you for the unexpecteds in my life! 

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