Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Amazing Day

Kidlet Two made it to Sarasota last night.  Today he and Kidlet Three played football while standing in the Gulf of Mexico, sat in the hot tub for awhile and here, warmed up under the sun.  Are you wondering about the wind?  Thankfully, I can report the wind was a lot less today.  There were people at the beach with sweatshirts and those of us in our bathing suits.  It was really still "cool."
We did go on a little sightseeing adventure (actually Kidlet Two needed a hat so we went shopping).  We got lost (did I mention the love/hate relationship with the TomTom GPS system).  But while stopped at a stop sign in the residential area we were driving through, here was this tree.  I wish I would've zoomed more because these fruit are oblong.  My picture doesn't do it justice but I found them "amazing".

Kidlet Two played hockey with "Schmoid". I think that was the nickname his family gave him. Well, Schmoid's family is vacationing two miles from us! Amazing! We drove up to their "section" of the beach and spent a late afternoon with them. Here the "guys" are planning a beach football game.
Speaking of one got hurt.  The teams were divided by the "Old Boys" and the "Young Boys". 
The Women had fun chatting and admiring the Gulf.
Schmoid's family rented this three-wheeled gas-powered mini car. Here their oldest son is taking Kidlet Two for a ride. Kidlet Two later took the cart through the town. I think he enjoyed the waves and greetings the young women gave him as he drove the streets of Siesta Key Village.
Schmoid and Kidlet Three dreamed about driving this out of the driveway...
Amazing. I couldn't get one NICE photo of these boys.
Everytime a camera came out at least one of them made a face!
The Husband and my two boy Kidlets sitting together. Schmoid's older brother in the background.
I opted to not take a picture of Kidlet Two's sunburn.
He doesn't need a visual of how many times
we reminded him to put on sunscreen...He'll be "feeling" the reminder!
Yes, it was an amazing day.
I love that friends we made during the hockey season can
remain our friends after the season.
Amazing relationships!

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