Sunday, March 28, 2010

10 Things to Do When It Rains on Vacation

10.  Move out of the hotel into a condo right by the beach. 
9.  Walk on Siesta Key Beach when no one else is there. This was before the lightening!
8.  Drum roll please...I read and finished one of the fattest books ever (I read one book per year).
7.  Enjoy less traffic on the roads because of the rain.
6.  Confess my love-hate relationship with The Husband's GPS "Tom" isn't getting any better.
5.  Bought more groceries than we needed but it was FUN! 
4.  Allow Kidlet Three to think he is still young enough to "fit".
3.  Made a delightful meal in the full condo kitchen.
2.  "Caught" Kidlet Three actually reading a book!
1.  Watch a Netflix movie on the laptop...all three of us!
It was a good day despite the grumpies that tried to set in.
I am SO praying for the sun to come out tomorrow.
Stay tuned! 

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