Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fish Stories

Fish stories.  Have you ever heard a fisherman explain how that "big one" got away?  Some of those stories make me giggle and some I just shake my head at.

This fish that Kidlet Three is holding above he caught.  And it brought quite a story with it!  Grandpa and Kidlet can sit in the ice hours for hours fishing.  And the stories that come in....well, I'll spare you the details.  These fish, however, are proof that some of those stories about "the big fight" and "it took all of my strength to pull that fish in" just might be true!  I think the first fish looks like a sea monster.  All of these are "northerns" and over Christmas, we took only our limit of fish from the Up North Lake.

After cleaning the fish, this is what one of the fillets looks like.  Grandpa soaks the fillets in a water/lemon juice solution to cut any "fishy taste" out.  The fillets are then cut into smaller pieces for frying.

Fish is being advertised as such a healthy food.  I'm afraid that might be another "fish story".  Well, at least the way we prepare the fish.  Grandma is the BEST fish fryer ever.  She set out the ingredients and here is where I decided fish prepared the way we like it isn't the healthiest...nuts!

Butter AND oil are heated in a heavy frying pan over medium high heat.  In a plastic bag a combination of flour, corn meal, salt and pepper is added.  Each fillet is shaken in this for the coating.

Into the bubbling bath of butter and oil each fillet goes.  I find myself licking my lips right now just looking at this picture again....

Lemon pepper.  Seriously. You don't know what you are missing until you try it on your fish.

Each piece is gently turned to fry on the other side.  Then, removed to a paper-towel lined plate and whisked, ever so quickly, to the table for our eating pleasure.

This plate, is no fish story. This is a story of memories, loving grandparents, passing along fishing tips and tricks, good recipes, and finger licking around the table.

Fish stories.  I'm glad to write of one that is true!

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  1. What a catch! I would love to have a piece of that fish right now. It looks so good! :)