Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Legion Baseball

Kidlet Three is playing Legion baseball this summer.
This past weekend was the annual Firecracker Baseball Tournament
sponsored by the American Legion William T. McCoy Post 92
in our Home Town.
The tournament has been held for the past five years and the
winners have not been from our Home Town...
 until this year.  
Kidlet Three's team won over 15 teams
 from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Canada.
How exciting is that!

We watched many great games over the weekend and 
we are so proud of how these boys played.

It was rather cute watching them get organized
for a team photo at the end of the game.
 They got themselves together with that great trophy 
and posed with their finger-pointing that they are

It was also great honoring our country with the
American Legion.  For the final game, the
color guard led us in the National Anthem.
The Fourth of July was amazingly fun.

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