Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Knee - Meet The Surgeon Day

I believe in miracles.  I believe in God that does miracles and I believe He does miracles daily.  Miracles of protection, revealing Himself to each of us, healing of mind, body, emotions, and even more.  Because of my faith in Him, I've asked family and friends to pray that God would heal my knee before any surgical intervention need to be done.  I pray for that, too, because I've had and seen miraculous healing.

My surgery date is November 29.  There is a lot of time between now and then for a new knee to be placed in my leg.  And since I'm on the topic, let's pray right now...

Lord God, maker of the heavens and the earth, I praise You.  In You I place my heart, my life and all things.  I love You and worship You alone.  You are the Lord in my life. Thank you for Your unending guidance, love, and faithfulness.  Thank you for the healing You've done in my heart, emotions, body and thoughts.  I ask again, joining with the readers of this blog, that you heal my right knee.  Arthritis, go!  Cartilage, be restored and fill the areas where there is lack.  Bone spur, shrivel and aren't meant for that knee.  Knee be restored in the Name of Jesus.  Praise You, God!  I choose to keep my focus on You and love You with all my heart.  Bless Your Name and in the Name of the Risen Jesus I pray...Amen.

I also believe God desires to work with each of us to spread His love and forgiveness on this earth.  My new knee could be built through the hands of Dr. T, my surgeon, with the wisdom and steady hand given to him from God.

Last Thursday The Husband and I met with Dr. T.  He is very kind and took time to answer all of our questions.   With my x-rays on display in the background, he reviewed the changes that have taken place in my knee.  One of my first questions was:  am I a weenie and just tired of the achy, painful I really qualify for a new knee.

He chuckled at me and confirmed that my knee was definitely shot and that the arthritis would cause aching and pain. 

The next steps are many in preparing for November 29.  I'll have a phone interview with a nurse to go over at-home-prep, have a medical exam and get my Christmas shopping done!

The last preparation I have was personally handed to me by Dr. T.  He'd left the room after the exam but then popped his head in a few minutes later.  He handed me a sheet of paper with exercises.  Exercises to strengthen my leg/knee muscles before surgery. 

If you see me lifting my leg and holding it in place over the next few weeks, just leave me be.  I am trying to be a good patient and strengthening my leg!

Keep praying for my new knee...I am!  Thanks amazing friends!

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