Thursday, November 15, 2012

Grandbaby Claire

Kidlet One and Favorite Son-In-Law had an ultrasound of their baby yesterday.  They are 21 weeks pregnant.  That sounded funny...they are 21 weeks pregnant.  She carries the baby but they both are having a baby, right?

What a long day it was knowing the ultrasound was at 3:30 and at that time we would find out if it was a boy or a girl.  Not that it really mattered.  We would love a boy or a girl.

Finally my phone buzzed with the arrival of a text message.  This is the picture that appeared on my phone:

A picture of our beautiful daughter wearing a pink sash around her baby is a girl!  Doesn't Kidlet One look cute at 21 weeks pregnant!

The C is for Claire.  Baby Claire.  How excited we are to meet her, love her and teach her about Jesus.

Being a grandma is amazing.  If only March would hurry up and get here...

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