Monday, November 7, 2011

Fish Tacos

We do not eat fish very often.  Unless we are at my parents eating fresh fish.  But I was hungry for fish so I started hinting to The Husband and Kidlet Three that we were going to have fish for a meal very soon.  For some reason I knew I had to work them into this idea because of the type of fish I was hungry for!  See we usually enjoy fried fish.  No, enjoy is too light of a word.  We LOVE fried fish.  What I was hungry for was fish tacos and I just knew that was not going to be highly accepted.

The night I made the tacos I gave in and fried two of the fillets for the boys.  The rest I made into tacos.  I'd picked up this recipe somewhere and I would give it a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10.  It wasn't bad but it wasn't those "10" excellent fish tacos I've had in restaurants.  In case you want to try this recipe, here it is. 

Chili Lime Sauce (mix all ingredients and refrigerate)
1/2 cup fat free, plain yogurt
1/2 cup fat free mayo
zest of a lime
Juice of two limes (I used ReaLime)
1 T.chili powder
1 T. cumin (I goofed and used cumin seed but it worked..)
Salt and Pepper to taste
1/2 small onion chopped finely
2-3 Roma tomatoes, diced
6 loins any firm, white fish.  I used Tilapia.  When I opened the package they smelled fishy so I soaked them in a lime juice/water potion for about 20 minutes. 
Remove the fish from the water and lay on paper towels to remove excess water.
Season the fish to taste with chili powder, garlic powder, salt and papper. 
Pre-heat a frying pan seasoned with cooking spray.  Over medium heat, fry fish until golden brown (4-5 minutes a side for the Tilapia).
Turn and cook the other side.
While the fish was cooking, I set up my assembly line.  Including the broccoli slaw.  I picked up this bag at Trader Joe's.

With all of the ingredients for the tacos set out and ready to go, I flaked the fish (which really means chop it) in the pan.
I used corn tortillas.  I started each taco with a spoonful of the chili lime sauce, a handful of broccoli slaw, spoonful of onion, fish and then chopped tomatoes.  I love cilantro so I sprinkled dried cilantro over the entire taco.

Fish tacos.  Nummy.

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