Sunday, November 13, 2011

Challenged, Humbled and Changed

During my week there are a few blogs that I read.  A couple of them are linked on the right side of my page.  This week as I have been reading blogs, I've been challenged, humbled and changed.

See, a few of my favorite bloggers are together on a trip in Ecuador for Compassion International.  They are bringing God to children and families in a part of the world that does not have the material blessings that we have.  Most of these families have a hut, clothing, and whatever food they can afford day by day.

As I have been reading the daily updates, memories of my past Bring-God-To-Those-That-Haven't-Heard trips have been rapidly flashing through my mind.  It has been my honor to travel to the Dominican Republic and to inner Mexico several times.  On each trip I have been challenged, humbled and changed.

Here are a few pictures from my last trip to Mexico.  Many of the children have never seen a picture of themselves so we brought Polaroid cameras along so they could have an instant photo of themselves!  Each child was amazed!

Oh how I wanted to hug this boy up with that very sad, long face.  And I so wanted to explain to him what Minnesota hockey was (on his tee shirt).  The clothes these people wear are mostly from "mission barrels".  Clothes that are donated from the United States and sent to the missionaries in the area.  I did end up hugging him and praying, in English, that he would come to know Hope and Love...God!
Our purpose in gathering the children was to present Jesus to them.  Many have not heard the Gospel.  We would present the gospel in songs, skits and then talking through the simple story of Jesus.
And we tied a million balloon animals!  Oh the kids loved those balloons.  In the background, can you see kids coloring on the red tarp?  I was amazed at the fact most children had never colored, had never seen color crayons and they didn't know what to do with them when we handed them out.  Once they started coloring, many wouldn't leave the tarp to move to the next activity we had for them.
Fun tattoos were offered to the kids by our bus driver, Rex.

This little girl caught my eye right away.  I just had to hold her despite the lice jumping from her hair.
On each of my trips I have seen the native people satisfied and happy with their lives.  Of course they all want "more".  Who doesn't.  But these people, in comparison with my own life, have nothing and they are happy  And that is where the challenge, the being humbled and being changed comes in.  During each trip I have learned to truly give God thanks for where He placed me on this earth and for the "things" that I have been given. 

Would you take time to read the blogs from the Ecuador group.  Click HERE to see and read of children waiting for sponsors.  After reading this, I bet you will be challenged, humbled and changed.

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