Friday, May 13, 2011

Baseball, A Birthday and a Crashed Laptop

Kidlet Three's baseball season is in full swing.  Last weekend the boys participated in their first tournament.  They played three games and won one game and lost the other two but they were good games.  Since they hadn't played any games up to that point, they actually played well together as a team.

My birthday was the same weekend as the baseball tournament.  I celebrated at Culver's after the game by enjoying a turtle sundae!

Mother's Day was celebrated by seeing all three of my Kidlets.  Hugs and love from each of them has filled my Love Tank for a few weeks!

Our laptop crashed.  None of the files were recovered.  Imagine a huge sad face right here.  I'd had the nudge to back up the photos a couple of weeks ago but did I follow the nudge?  No!  So I do have some photos from the past year but I lost photos from the past three months.  I have learned my lesson. 

That is the update from the Amazing-Life-We-Live!

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