Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wind & A Good Papa

I have a great, loving, and kind earthly Dad. 
Tonight I want to talk about my heavenly Papa.
Over and over again He reminds me of His Love
and of His Presence in my life.
The night I was so sad about the house
we were trying to buy, there was a
huge wind storm.
Around 1 a.m. the wind awoke us all and
then the power went out.
Standing in the kitchen looking out to
the backyard, with the lightening, I could
see the trees doing a frenzied dance.
The sky was remarkably bright for a
middle of the night storm.
The trees were being whipped to the left
and then to the right.  
It was almost like they were conflicted
as to which direction to bend and stretch.
Never had I seen such wind and never had
I seen our trees move in such a crazy fashion.
In fact, I realized one of those trees could come
crashing down on our house.
Our house.
The day I was so sad that we couldn't buy a
different house, I realized how thankful I am
for my current house.
In the midst of the storm, My Papa spoke
to me in His God Nudge way...

"A house is sticks and concrete 
with windows and doors, it is people
and relationships that are important"

Yes, I agree with that Nudge.
Never would I want a house to be the
most important thing in my life.
The joy and peace that I went to bed
praying for came in the midst of a storm.
Losing out on the purchase of a
house is NOT the most important thing
in my life.

My Papa used the wind to get my attention.
Once He had my attention He spoke to me.
He flooded me with His joy and peace
He is so cool and faithful.

In the morning, we did have clutter on the deck... 
 The neighbor's tree...

If you don't know God as a loving Papa, 
I'm going to be praying for you.  
He is wildly, passionately, crazy for you.
Papa, thank you for the wind storm.  Thank you
for reminding me of what is important 
in my life.  I love you, Lord!

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